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Monday, March 14, 2011

Refreshed & Renewed!



blazer: BCBG via Macy's ($55) ~ blouse: F21 ($12ish) ~ pants: Banana Republic (old - not sure!) ~ shoes: BCBG (gift)

Date: March 14, 2011
Ensemble message: Hey everyone, sorry again for the sudden break last week.  It was a bittersweet week, both mentally and emotionally.  First, I got a new role at The Day Job, which is really great news accompanied by lots of stress as I transition roles.  But then a few days after getting this news, I found out that my grandfather had passed away.  He's been pretty sick, so I was kind of prepared for it... but of course dealing with a death is never, ever easy.  My emotions were a roller coaster last week and I just felt numb.  When I wasn't numb, I was definitely sad or super cranky (sorry Husband).  Not sure if you noticed, but I'm purposely looking down a lot in last Monday's photos because I just didn't feel like smiling.  So I took a cue from myself, and took the week off.



But, now I'm back!  I've changed my head and ready to show off my goofy grin again in outfit photos.  After all, life goes on and I'd much rather celebrate the rich life my grandfather had instead of mourning his loss.  I know that's what he would want as well :)

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