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Creating Panache

Welcome to Employed Panache!  My name is Nicole Martin and this is my side project, born out of having too much free time once I completed my part-time MBA program.  After having next to no personal time for 3.5 years, who knew that I wouldn't find utter satisfaction sitting in front of the tv for hours on end?!?  (Not that a reality tv marathon isn't necessary every now and then :)

The Day Job
During the day, I work for a large company as a Senior Human Resources Specialist.  In fact, from the moment I graduated in 2003 with a BS in chemistry, my career path has been all HR.  (BS indeed ;)  But seriously, transitioning from science to business has taught me that it's your experiences and what you learn from them that get you the job and success, not the degree.  Also, if you are thoughtful enough, you can transfer almost any skill from job to job.

Because I've had several people take chances on a girl with a chemistry degree trying to work her way into HR, I am passionate about helping students and recent grads find their way in the corporate world.  For the first couple years at The Day Job, I worked with interns and a recent graduate rotational program, where I not only acted as program coordinator, but at times coach and mentor.

Everything Happens for a Reason...
I am ridiculously detail oriented, and I tend to absorb the most minute details.  For about a year, I was an internal recruiter, which was really a year of people watching for me... I knew right away whether someone made a good first impression or if they would have to fight for that second interview.  I was also living in New York City and started to pay closer attention to fashion.  More specifically, street style really interested me and I began following style blogs on a regular basis.  Fast forward to my next job, where I sat in on Jonna Martin's (no relation!) business etiquette seminar.  The pieces started to fall in place... you could be professional and an individual at the same time!  By the time I heard Gina Rudan speak in grad school, I knew that personal branding was a powerful tool.

Why Employed Panache?
In May 2010, I finally earned my MBA (the hard way - part-time while working full-time) and had lots of free time back to myself.  I quickly realized I needed a creative outlet.  DIY projects are fun, but I wanted more... I wanted to do something with meaning.  Thinking about everything I experienced over the past several years, I decided to create Employed Panache to marry corporate style and personal branding under one roof.    


Branches of the Brand
Yes, The Day Job and Employed Panache are tied together and reflect who Nicole Martin is.  However, they do not represent the whole gamut that is Nicole!  My family and friends are always top on my list...  The Husband is my best friend and our Boston Terrier, Donna, is our only child.  We consider our close friends to also be family, and together with our siblings, we aim for one adventure per weekend.  Music is another source of inspiration, and these days, I listen to what is classified as "indie rock".  I actually think *some* albums sound better on vinyl.  I make an honest attempt to fit in yoga, running, and lifting every week... though I do count dancing at a concert as cardio.  Top this off with good food and better beer, and that's me in a nutshell.

Contact Me!
I write about my thoughts and musings, but I also love hearing from others!  I welcome feedback, questions, and anything else that comes to mind - just e-mail me at or find me on Twitter: @EmployedPanche.  I will respond to e-mails, tweets, and comments as soon as I can... remember, The Day Job pays my bills.

Employed Panache is my personal blog.  All images © Nicole Martin 2010-2012 unless otherwise stated.  All opinions written are my own unless stated otherwise.  If you would like to use one of my images or contact me regarding any content shared on this blog, please send me an email at Thank you.

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