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Friday, September 30, 2011

Hanes Silk Reflections Giveaway!



dress: Katerina c/o Carissa Rose ~ vest: Old Navy ($14) ~ booties: Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Rack ($100)  ~ necklace & bracelet: Macy's ($25 & $10) ~ stockings: Silk Reflections c/o Hanes

Date: September 20, 2011
Ensemble message: I dressed with intention on this particular day... this was the day that I helped launch a generational business network at the Day Job, which included co-hosting a kick-off meeting with cupcakes (come on, everyone knows the 1st rule of meetings - lure them in with food ;)  Since I had to present on a topic that is equal parts professional and fun, I took one of my most professional dresses and added a few fun elements: vest, black beads, and booties.


To add to the professionalism, I wore Hanes Silk Reflections stockings, which I was gifted to review.  If you've been a long-time reader, you know that I love my tights in the winter.  However, some days call for something a bit more sheer.  Here's my only problem... I tend to put runs in stockings within the first hour or two of wearing them.  Not cool if you have a big meeting later that day.  But Hanes Silk Reflections lasted me up to my network launch, until the end of the (work) day, and through dinner with friends afterwards!  Also, even though the toe was not reinforced, my toes did not tear through either - another annoyance that I have with all hosiery (yes, somehow I manage to tear the toes even in super thick tights!)  Overall, I was very pleased with the product.  My only warning is that the size seemed to run a bit small... even though I was well within the height & weight range, I still felt as if they pinched at the waist.  But, this won't stop me from wearing them over and over again!


Hanes and I are also giving my readers an opportunity to win a pair of Silk Reflections stockings, a $9.95 value!  Entering is simple... you must be a follower of Employed Panache & also follow Hanes Hosiery either through Twitter or Facebook.  Then, leave a comment telling me so below!  That's all :)  This giveaway is open through Thursday October 6th, and I will be drawing a winner at random on Friday October 7th.  Good luck!
Wednesday, September 28, 2011



cardigan & skirt: Target ($15 & $12) ~ cami: Banana Republic ($8) ~ watch & necklace: gifts ~ shoes: Nine West ($?)

Date: September 28, 2011
Ensemble message: Gloomy weather calls for bright colors!  I was worried that the double dose would be too bright for the end of September, but I think the brown cami, shoes, and accessories did a good job adding a fall touch.


Be on the lookout - on Friday I'll have a review & giveaway for you, all my lovely readers! :)
Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life as I Know It

Me & D, just hanging

Wow you guys, I can't believe Summer 2011 is over already!  Things on this end have been a bit less stressful since I last checked in... I'm settling into my new role, and I think finally, finally I'm back to normal working hours (FINALLY!)  Which means I am trying to find more balance in my life... The Husband and I have taken a couple weekend trips and I'm working out more regularly.  I've also cut out coffee and replaced it with green tea (too many coffee/stress tummy aches) and working on eating better.  Not really easy when you're a nomad as we eat dinner out way, way more than we used to.  But I'm trying!

But the best part... I think it's finally safe to announce that we got a house!!!  After many months of searching, and a couple more months of bringing this deal to fruition, we're due to close near the end of October :)  I cannot even begin to emphasize how stressful buying a house is... once you find THE ONE, then there's the mortgage to deal with, along with the home inspection.... oh, and not to mention the scare of Hurricane Irene putting a tree through the roof or water in the basement or both (The House was fine).  But mostly the mortgage process.  It's like bearing your financial soul for all to see... ick.  Well, we finally got our mortgage commitment tonight, and things seem to be moving along!

I've also tried to take some time and put all this nonsense in perspective, and really I cannot complain.  There could be worst things than a lot of stress in your life.  And throughout it all, I know that my readers have been there for me.  Thank you for all your comments - I will reply back to them soon!  And I am really excited to take on a few new sponsors as well, which means giveaways for you :)  So stay tuned, I have a feeling that this autumn is going to be awesome!

This is her escape tactic ;)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Brights


cardigan & jeans: Target ($15 & $14) ~ shirt: Anthropologie ($35) ~ boots: Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear ($40) ~ necklace: gift

Date: September 16, 2011
Ensemble message: Just a simple casual Friday outfit, but one where I pair a more subdued color with a bright one.  I want to work more brights into my wardrobe as a contrast against my neutrals, which I love.  So far... I have this cardigan, which is not new.  And that's it.



What other bright pieces do you recommend I buy??
Thursday, September 15, 2011




shirt: H&M ($15) ~ skirt: Target ($23) ~ shoes: Marc Fisher via Macy's ($36) ~ earrings: taken from my sister ~ necklace: chain from another & a pendant from a keychain

Date: September 15, 2011
Ensemble message: I've been saving this outfit all week for today... because today was the day that I met a new client group!  After the Big Project at the Day Job, my team swapped client groups.  I am really excited because I know I'll learn a lot from this group.  But I was also nervous because rumor has it that the VP of the team can be tough to work for.  So, I wanted to dress professionally (hence the button-down and pencil skirt) while also letting my personality shine through (with the watercolor print and colors).



I started the meeting by talking about me as a person outside of the Day Job, and then led to my professional background.  I finished off with some topics/projects that I want to focus on and a request for them to invite me to their team meetings.  And I think I was a success!  I feel like I made a connection with this new group - one director came up to me afterwards to talk about music.  And, the VP even joked about when he has "challenges"... read: when he's not happy ;)  At least he has a sense of humor!

What techniques do you use to connect to a new group?
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Casual Business Casual



t-shirt: Target ($6) ~ skirt: Atelier via Nordstrom Rack ($2) ~ scarf: old sarong (rediscovered) ~ shoes: BCBG (gift) ~ bangles: thrifted & ($8 & $15 each)

Date: September 13, 2011
Ensemble message: Taking business casual to a whole new level today!  But why not?  With nothing major on my calendar, I decided to take a more comfy route.  Oh, and by the way... my "scarf" is actually an old sarong that I found in the back of my bathing suit drawer!  I can't believe I didn't pull it out sooner since the print is right on trend lately.


What great find did you discover in the back of your drawer or closet??

Monday, September 12, 2011

Couldn't Resist



dress: Target ($28) ~ necklace: Macy's ($11) ~ shoes: Nine West (ancient) ~ belt & cuff: gifts

Date: September 12, 2011
Ensemble message: There are some articles of clothing that every blogger seems to acquire.  This is one of them.  The dress I'm wearing today is yet another.  Blogging can be a funny thing because you want your style to be unique, but most bloggers I know look to one another for inspiration.  So, there are bound to be overlaps!  I held off from buying this dress for a couple reasons... first, I worried about looking like other bloggers.  Second, I never found it on sale.  Yes I know, it's Target and pretty inexpensive to begin with, but I'm a on a frugal kick.  (You know, that whole housing buying thing.)  But, with the easy cut of this dress along with the versatile color - I just couldn't resist!  I don't think there will be any regrets :)


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sparkle & Shine



shirt: Target ($17) ~ skirt: Gap ($8 - super clearance!) ~ shoes: Pink via Daffy's ($27) ~ earrings: Jess LC ($16) ~ watch & bangle: gifts

Date: September 7, 2011
Ensemble message: I wore this gold skirt yesterday, and though I bought it about a month ago, this is it's blog debut.  After a couple days of rain (and more in the forecast), I wanted to wear something festive but still comfortable to counteract the grey day.  Also, I had dinner plans after work with a friend from grad school, and this gold skirt was perfect for a girls' night out!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Camping Chic

cardi: August Silk via Nordstrom Rack ($20) ~ t-shirt: Target ($8) ~ pants: DKNY via Filene's Basement ($24) ~ shoes:  Elle via Kohls ($35ish) ~ necklace: Aerie ($5) ~ bracelet: Roxy (about 10 years old!)

Date: September 1, 2011
Ensemble message:  You guys, I cannot tell a lie... last Thursday, all I could think about was the long weekend that laid ahead of me.  And, I think it showed in my outfit choice that day ;)  The Husband and I, along with some family and friends, headed down to Assateague Island for a few days of camping.  I look forward to this trip every year because camping almost forces you to kick back and do nothing... and that's just what I need after this crazy summer!


Also, I know my readers don't typically get a detailed look into my life after hours, but I'm guest posting today over at Sparrow & Urchin, where you can read more about my camping adventure :)

What did you do over the weekend??

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