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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Office Lunchbox: Kale Pita


When it comes to what I eat in the office, I tend to bring my own food most days of the week.  I am lucky enough to have a subsidized cafeteria on site for those days that I am too lazy busy to pack food for the day.  But I like to create my own meals at work for a couple reasons... first, I know that the ingredients will be fresh.  Second, I have complete control over the nutritional value of what I'm eating.  Finally, I cook dinner maybe 10 nights a year (most of these due to The Husband being away on business), so making lunch satisfies any teeny tiny desire to cook.

Also, variety is the spice of life!  I can't eat pb&j every week in a row for months.  I like to change it up depending on the season, my mood, and how much junk food I've been consuming on the weekends.  I tend to research a number of easy to prepare lunch recipes, and so I figured I would share these with you from time to time here.  And I would love to get lunch inspiration from you too!  If you have a go-to tasty office lunch, please send the recipe my way!


Last week, I ate these kale pita wraps all week.  I had leftover gyro wraps that needed to be used up.  As I wandered through the grocery store, the obvious pairing was hummus.  But, I was craving greens... so I reached for some kale, which is super duper nutritious!  Assembly was simple... place the raw kale on a wrap and smear a spoonful of hummus on each side.  The result was a crunchy, tangy wrap that was easy to eat at my desk!


Approximate calories: 380
Approximate fat: 7g
Cost: $2/wrap

So tell me... what's for lunch this week?

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