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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Like Morgan & Lua

This post is my best impression of a Morgan and Lua post... but it's Nicole and Donna.  If you are a new reader, to be clear, Nicole is the human and Donna is the dog.  I know, I know, it's the weirdest name for a dog.  Except when you find out that our last name is Martin, and then your thoughts go immediately to Donna Martin of 90210 fame and the time she graduated.
Sooo I'm one who usually sticks to the usual format, but hey, I'm trying to win a cool necklace here!  If you didn't already know, Morgan is giving away 2 amazing necklaces as part of her blogiversary celebration.  The rules are that you have to create a Morgan and Lua-esque post, so of course I had to use little Donna as the ultimate prop ;)


Let me tell you... this photo shoot was no easy feat!  Donna would not stop moving, even as I attempted to hold her!!!  I think I made a rookie mistake of revealing the early morning treats right away... if I started with her sitting in my lap, she wouldn't have been sniffing every pocket for more.  Either way, I'm now convinced that Lua is the calmest dog out there!  For anyone who photographs dogs (if my readership covers this topic haha!) - any hints??
shirt: thrifted via Goodwill ($8) ~ vest: Old Navy ($14) ~ pants: Target ($22) ~ shoes: Sam Edelman via Nordstrom Rack ($100) ~necklace/earrings: gift
A little bit about this outfit... it's been a more social week than normal, and tonight I have plans to meet a friend from college for dinner.  I wanted to be a little more casual but still pulled together.  The shirt is another thrift find, and it may be my favorite!  I don't think I got a close enough photo, but the silk has a design on it (besides the polka dots) that's almost like a watermark.

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