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Employed Panache, a niche style blog, is currently looking for sponsors!  Created by Nicole Martin, the blog focuses on showcasing fun and fresh outfits for an office setting.  It is also a venue for discussions about personal branding and how clothing can send a message about you and your brand to others.  In October 2010, Employed Panache was listed as one of The 20 Best Fashion Blogs for Professional Women on  Learn more about Nicole and the history of Employed Panache on the Creating Panache page. 

Employed Panache was launched in June 2010, and as of October 4, 2011 averages 725 unique visitors per month.  To get a full view of the site’s statistics, please request my latest media kit by e-mailing  

While corporate style is the primary focus of Employed Panache, I also value individuality, fashion at reasonable prices, and sustainability through thrifted and vintage pieces.  Because every outfit I photograph for the site is one that I would wear to work, I am looking to work with brands and products that I would choose to purchase on my own.  I am also open to all companies, large or small.  In fact, growing with smaller start-ups would be a wonderful experience!

Sponsorship Options

When you sponsor Employed Panache, you are able to connect to my readers in the following ways:

  • Ad Banners – As a sponsor, you are purchasing ad banner space in a sidebar.  Each sponsor will be featured in a Sponsor Spotlight post as well.  All sponsorships are purchased monthly via PayPal.  For more information on rates, please e-mail me directly:
  • Giveaways – This allows the readers to enter for a chance to win a sponsor’s product, product sample, or store credit.  Each giveaway will be supported with a post and tweets. 
  • Product Reviews – Sponsors may also send me a product for review.  A post will be written for each review and will contain photographs of me with the product.  Please know that I will always write my honest opinion on a product, which includes both the pros and cons.
  • Promotion Codes – As a sponsor, you may also offer readers discount codes or special promotions exclusively to my readers.  All offers will be posted both in the body of Employed Panache, as well as in the sidebar.

All of my blog posts are linked back on Twitter and Facebook, so your product or company will receive attention through these venues as well.  If you are interested in sponsoring Employed Panache, please e-mail me at

Other Collaboration Ideas

I am also open to other collaboration ideas outside of an advertised sponsorship.  As someone who has been both an intern and HR Business Partner, I have professional insight into how to balance your own personal brand with the expectations of your employer and future employers.  A short list of collaboration ideas include, but are not limited to:

  • Guest blogging
  • Interview prep
  • Resume review
  • Personal branding consultation
  • Style guidance
  • Guest speaker
My only ask is that the proposal is mutually beneficial.  In other words, monetary exchange may not be necessary.  To discuss further, please e-mail me directly at

Employed Panache is my personal blog.  All images © Nicole Martin 2010-2012 unless otherwise stated.  All opinions written are my own unless stated otherwise.  If you would like to use one of my images or contact me regarding any content shared on this blog, please send me an email at Thank you.

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