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Remixing my wardrobe to create buzz-worthy, office-approved outfits! Find out more at: Creating Panache.
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Check out these sites that are dedicated to style and other workplace topics:

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These style bloggers inspire me to think outside the box for office outfits:


Personal Branding Experts ~ 

I go to these sites when I am looking for information about personal branding and overall professionalism.  I would consider the authors to be subject matter experts:

AdvanceMe Associates: I met the owner of AdvanceMe, Jonna Martin (no relation ;), through a work event.  I was instantly impressed how Jonna could make business etiquette simple and not stuffy.  I would recommend her for anyone who may need to step up the professional image of their team.

Genuine Insights: A guest lecturer at my business school, Gina Rudan was the first to really open my mind to personal branding and how important it is to leverage social media to spread your brand.  After she spoke to one of my classes, I could not shake the desire to start a blog along a similar topic.  And the rest is history!

Ms. Career Girl: A website focused on articles for Gen Y career ladies.  There are often guest bloggers (like myself!) which allows for a variety of topics and insight from multiple industries.

Personal Branding Blog: Dan Schawbel is considered to be the personal branding guru.  This blog will give you insight to all topics relevant to personal branding.

Employed Panache is my personal blog.  All images © Nicole Martin 2010-2012 unless otherwise stated.  All opinions written are my own unless stated otherwise.  If you would like to use one of my images or contact me regarding any content shared on this blog, please send me an email at Thank you.

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