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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Inspired: Jen Loves Kev



shirt: Limited (gift) ~ skirt: Atelier via Nordstrom Rack ($20) ~ vest: Old Navy ($14) ~ shoes: Target ($20) ~ bracelet: thrifted via Beacon's Closet ($8)
Date: August 31, 2011
Ensemble message: Last night I pinned a few inspirational photos to my Pinterest account, and a recent outfit over at Jen Loves Kev was one of them.  As soon as I saw Jen in this outfit, I thought, "I can re-make this - and it'll be totally office appropriate!"  This shows how easy it can be to take an outfit from a magazine, runway, or another blog and make it your own.



What has inspired you lately?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bumming Around

tank: Lucky Jeans ($10) ~ top: Target ($12) ~ shorts: F21 ($14) ~ scarf: my mom's

Date: August 30, 2011
Ensemble message:  So yeahhh... this is me, currently.  Last week got a little crazy (what else is new?) so I didn't get to post much or even take photos to come back to this week.  Then, we moved to Part 2 of Nomadic Living on Saturday, right before Hurricane Irene hit the northeast.  The Husband and I were able to squeeze in the move plus a movie and dinner out before the worst of the storm hit us, but essentially I've been in comfy clothes since I got home from work on Friday night.  On top of that, Irene knocked out the power at the Day Job for 2 days straight, so I've been working from home.  Oh, and did I mention that I haven't been bothered with make-up either?  Below is a rare make-up-less pic, but I wanted a close-up of my scarf (aka undried hair tamer):


Speaking of home, Part 2 of Nomadic Living is a Residence Inn.  Not too shabby!  Poor Donna is a bit confused... in the past 2 months, she's gone from a condo as a single dog, to a full house with 2 playmates, and now a studio as the lone dog once again.  She's a bit dramatic about it, but then again, I don't think she's complaining about the multiple pillows on the bed:

This is why I call her My Little Jelly Bean


Back to corporate wear tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some Favorites


cami: Marshall's ($16) ~ blazer: Zara (old-$35ish?) ~ skirt: Kensie Girl (gift) ~ shoes: Franco Sarto ($65) ~ necklace & cuff: gifts

Date: August 16, 2011
Ensemble message:  I'm pretty sure I wore this on last Tuesday because this date was a major milestone in the project I've been working on at the Day Job.  The past couples weeks have been a blur... but I like to dress up for special occasions so my thought process was probably similar that morning :)  And ironically, I'm wearing the same skirt as my post from yesterday!  Well, not really ironic since it's one of my favorites... as are the cami and blazer.



Do you wear certain outfits for different events, even at work??

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Borrowed Again



shirt: Banana Republic Mens (borrowed) ~ skirt: Kensie Girl (gift) ~ vest: Old Navy ($14) ~ shoes: Target ($20) ~ bangle: NY&Co ($10ish) ~ necklaces & watch: gifts

Date: June 30, 2011
Ensemble message: Another from the memory card!  I wore this almost 2 months ago... assuming it was a typical day in the office.  Clearly it wasn't too hot yet since I stole borrowed this shirt from The Hubby.  I thought the grey in the shirt would look too monotone with the grey skirt, but the green vest breaks everything up nicely.



I also wanted to thank you all for sticking around while I blog very inconsistently... you guys are truly the best!  I seem to be over the hump of my project.  Just in time for fall fashion too I might add - my favorite time of year!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mixed Prints



cami: Marshall's ($16) ~ jacket: F21 ($12) ~ pants: DKNY Jeans via Filene's Basement ($24) ~ sandals: Nine West Outlet ($25ish) ~ necklace/cuff: gifts ~ bracelet: thrifted ($8)

Date: August 8, 2011
Ensemble message: This outfit was styled especially for this week's Everybody Everywear challenge - mixed prints!  Mixing prints is not a stretch for me, I've done it before (see below).  But it was a challenge to find a new mix since my wardrobe is a bit limited at the moment.  Though it's subtle, the stripes on the jacket do count as a print!  I personally think that stripes and floral are the easiest prints to mix (for those of you who might be a bit shy when it comes to mixing prints).


Here are some other ways I've mixed prints:

mixed prints

Everybody, Everywear | Pattern Mixing

Monday, August 8, 2011

Blank Canvas


dress: Katerina dress c/o Carissa Rose ~ shoes: Franco Sarto ($65) ~ bracelet: thrifted via Beacon's Closet ($8) ~ scarf & earrings: gifts

Date: August 1, 2011
Ensemble message: Last week, I had the pleasure of personally welcoming 8 new hires to the Day Job!  I had a couple hours to do my HR thing, and I wanted to look professional but approachable.  I love this Carissa Rose dress because the stormy grey color is a perfect canvas to fun and colorful accessories.



What clothing is your blank canvas??

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Urban Camo



shirt: H&M ($15) ~ cami: Marshall's ($14) ~ skirt: Gap Outlet ($19) ~ shoes: Target ($20) ~ cuff/earrings/belt: all gifts

Date: June 29, 2011 (ish)
Ensemble message: Another outfit from awhile back... Again, not sure the reasoning behind this outfit, but I am pleasantly surprised by how the cami matches much of my existing wardrobe.  This olive green button-up was just begging to be paired with the bright pink camo-type design.



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Office Color Blocking



t-shirt & cardi: Target ($5 & $14) ~ skirt: Gap Outlet ($19) ~ shoes: Steve Madden via Famous Footwear ($14) ~ necklace: gift
Date: June 28, 2011 (ish...)
Ensemble message: Well, I must admit... I just found these photos, along with 2 other outfits, on my memory card last week.  I *think* they are from the week before I went on vacation.  I don't believe there was any particular reason I wore this, but I had this outfit in my head for awhile.  This is my answer to color blocking for the office: one half is brightly colored but toned down by a darker neutral.  This would also work with a tan skirt or pants too.


Have you color blocked in the office?  I'd love to see pics!

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