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Monday, February 28, 2011

Birthday Gift



dress: Spotted Moth (gift) ~ shoes: Marc Fischer via Macy's ($36) ~ necklace and bracelet: both gifts

Date: February 28, 2011
Ensemble message: Today was birthday celebration #3 with my co-workers!  (#1 and #2 happened over the weekend.)  For people's birthdays, we always bring in snack food, which is nice because the entire team can enjoy it throughout the week.  I'm the "health nut" of the group, so the treats included fresh blueberries and grapes, trail mix, clementines, whole wheat pretzels, whole grain tortilla chips, and cake.  Because birthdays, no matter how healthy you are, are not complete without cake :)  Do you celebrate birthdays and other special events in the office??



On a different note... in the past couple months I've either been gifted or bought 4 clothing items that are orange or rust orange in color.  This includes today's dress, which my lovely little sis bought me from Spotted Moth for my birthday.  I can't tell yet if this is a weird coincidence or new obsession!

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