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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Evolution of the Cubicle: Part 1

lego cubicle

Cubicle comes from the Latin cubiculum, which means bed chamber, and is a familiar setting for many of us in the corporate world.  Despite the root of the term, cubicles (or "cubes") are meant for work and not sleeping (though naps would be nice once in awhile :)  The design of the modern day cubicle has progressed, as has our definition of the work environment.  The predecessor of the cube is actually the carrel desk, which reminds me of studying in my college library:

Ok, enough history :)  The real inspiration for this post (and any follow-ups) is the fact that in my 3.5 years at The Day Job, I have had to move twice, with a third move scheduled for this Friday and a fourth planned for sometime in the next 4 months.  Yes that's right, pack up and move my entire desk along with all my files, office supplies, etc.  What's even more interesting is that The Day Job has several "generations" of work spaces, and today it dawned on me that I would be upgraded twice during my next two moves.  So follow me through the evolution of the cubicle... well, MY cubicle!  I start you off with something that is circa 1994:

Desk 1

Desk 3

Desk 2

Notice the items I pointed out... they are to create a more personalized space, but really, the overall look is very blah.  Next month, I will post my next cubicle, which by default must be better than this!  What does your desk look like?  How do you overcome the blah?

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