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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mentoring & Ms. Career Girl Guest Post

The one thing that will only strengthen your career, whether you’re female or male, young or old, is a mentoring relationship.  That is a bold statement, especially coming from someone who is ridiculously independent (my poor hubby can vouch for that one! :)  I recently began fully utilizing those in my life who are mentors to me, and it has truly made a big difference in the way I work.  Having a mentor is like having a personal advisory board at your fingertips.  They will offer advice and insight into everything from how to handle working with a difficult colleague, to their thoughts on how that big announcement will affect your job.

Getting a mentor is pretty easy too… simply think about people in your life that you admire.  They could be at work or at your book club.  In fact, I would say getting a mix of work vs. life and male vs. female mentors would be most beneficial.  Then, schedule time to talk whenever you need some guidance.  You don’t need to make it official by asking them to be your mentor, but if you want someone who will be there consistently, it might be good to straight out ask them.  Do not feel shy about it either… asking someone to be your mentor is a huge compliment!

The Day Job is really good about setting up mentoring relationships, and last year I was given my first official mentor.  While she is no longer with the company, she did leave me with some great advice.  I’ve summed that up over in a guest post on Ms. Career Girl, so go check it out!  My new mentor has already started helping me take risks that are good for my career.  We’ll see what happens, but I have good feelings about it :)

How has a mentor helped you??

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