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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meeting in Prints

dress: Poof via Daffy's ($15) ~ long sleeve t: Old Navy ($6) ~ belt: UO ($14) ~ boots: Rocket Dog via Famous Footwear ($40) ~ necklace: chain was a gift, pendant is actually from a key chain (in other words, all free)
Date: November 9, 2010
Ensemble message: Today I had to drive to Connecticut to meet with one of my client groups, so there was zero time for pictures.  Luckily I had this outfit left over from last week!  On this particular day, I had an off-site meeting to attend and help facilitate.  Knowing the culture of the Day Job, I would bet that most people would be in jeans while others in khakis and a relaxed shirt.  But, I purposely chose to wear a dress instead of dressing like everyone else.

Why would I make this decision?  Well, I knew that the audience was made up of all managers and above… no one at my level.  Also, besides the co-op helping me out, I knew that I would be one of the youngest in the room (plus I look younger than I am).  Maybe I’m a little too aware of titles and age, but dressing up just a bit made me feel professional and comfortable.  Notice that I went for a more laid back dress vs. a blazer and pencil skirt… while I wanted to look nice, I didn’t want to come off as uptight.  Also, since I was facilitating, I choose a knit dress and small heels for easy movement.

When attending off-site meetings or conferences, what do you wear??

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