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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Holiday Gifts for the Office

As I sit and watch 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' special on tv, I think it is appropriate that I write about holiday gifts in the office!  Depending on your office culture, you and your co-workers may or may not exchange gifts during the holiday season.  In the past, I have traded gifts with my boss, sent out cards to all my team members, participated in a team yankee swap, and done absolutely nothing.  Keep in mind that this is across 3 different companies, so make sure you know what's expected before going overboard or doing nothing.

Of my past 7 holidays in the working world, I have done yankee swaps just twice, but they seem to be pretty popular.  For those who haven't played before, yankee swap is like a grab bag: each person brings in a wrapped gift within a certain price range.  Everyone picks a number, and the first person chooses a gift from the pile (not their own).  The next person chooses another gift, and then decides whether to keep it or take a gift that someone else has unwrapped.  And so on... it's a lot of fun!

But what do you buy for someone in your office, who you may not even know that well?!?  Well, my friends, I've put together a list that should satisfy young or old, man or woman, traditional or hip.  Check these gifts out for ideas:

Candle - Organic Soy Candle
Business Card Holder - Leather Holder with Horse Emblem
Money Clip - Enamel Finish Money Clip
MP3 Player Sleeve - Hand-printed Leather Sleeve
A Fun Gag Gift - Office Voodoo Kit
Cell Phone Sleeve - Phone Pouch with Pocket
Desktop Speaker - Pop-Up Mini Speaker
Desktop Greenery - Bonsai Village Biodome

What would you give to a colleague??

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