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Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashion Beauty Friend Friday

the best Halloween pic I have for you guys - Super Donna! :)

Happy Friday!  Starting this week, I'm starting a new tradition on Fridays... Fashion Beauty Friend Friday!  Katy over at ModlyChic started this bring the fashion blogger community together, and I'm finally jumping on the bandwagon.  Soon I'd love to do these as video posts, but for round 1, we'll stick with text :)  This week is the perfect week to start, because it allows us bloggers to get a little personal.  Because Employed Panache is focused on work outfits, I tend to stay a bit more professional here.  However, I am a real person and so I'd like to share with you...

10 Random Facts About Me (in no particular order)

1. Before the age of 5, I moved from NJ to Las Vegas, NV to Memphis, TN, back to NJ, where my family moved once more.  So before I entered kindergarten, I moved 4 times!  My parents then thought it was best to settle us down for the long term.

2. I LOVE pumping my own gas!  Since I essentially grew up in NJ and live there now, I don't have many opportunities to do this.  Once I learned how to in college (don't judge), every road trip, I was the one volunteering to get out in the cold, rain, snow, etc. to pump.  I still look forward to those moments today.

3. I heart music.  As in, there's almost always music playing in my head as a soundtrack to my life.  That might sound weird, but it's the truth.  These days, I'm really into indie music and I'm really lucky to have a husband that looks up and introduces new bands to me constantly (thanks love :)  I also get obsessed with about 4 bands at a time.  Right now: Local Natives (who I'm seeing tonight!), Metric, Yeasayer, and the Yeah Yeah Yeah's (who never really leave this list).

4. I majored in Chemistry in college.  Yes, I know I work in HR now and that is not at all related.  But in my early years of college, I had dreams of creating my own make-up line and interned at a major cosmetic company making hair dye!

5. I can't decide if I like city living or country living more.  I'll probably always live in close proximity to both.  My favorites so far are NYC (of course), Chicago, Boston, and Austin.  I can wait to visit some Cali cities!

6. I can't cook.  I have no interest in that sort of thing, though I do love to eat.  Once again, I am lucky to have a loving husband who does the cooking in our family.  I clean up afterwards, to be fair ;)

7. Oh this is a good one!  When I was 5 (I think?), I won a coloring contest and got to be a clown in a local circus.  I was in the ring and all I remember is directing other clowns to do stuff.  True story!!!  I have pictures to prove it too, maybe I should dig them out!

8. I'm a pretty active person.  I run several times a week, try to go to yoga once a week, and will occasionally attend a spin class.  In the winter, I ski.

9. I'm sorry to say, but I have a truck driver mouth.  Seriously.  I've learned to tone it down at work as much as possible, but when I'm home... watch out!  I think I just like the emphasis of the words, haha!

10. Because it's Friday and I'm about to leave, my favorite drinks by category are... beer: Rogue Chocolate Stout; wine: any malbec from Chile; mix drink: green tea/simple syrup/lime cocktail that my hubby mixes up so we can feel fancy while watching Mad Men.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

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