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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Hi everyone!  Well, I'm back from my little vacation and I'm trying my hardest to catch up.  I don't have a new outfit post from yesterday OR today due to lack of free internet, plane delays, and bad weather forcing me to work from home in my pj's.  Plus, my bloglovin' reader is about to explode (I'll tackle that later).  But one step at a time... I did get a couple exciting e-mails and tweets while I was gone!

As you see from the above picture, Gabby over at The Working Girl's Shoe Closet awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award!  I'm very honored as this is my first blog award... and, this girl has a shoe collect to die for, so I trust her sense of what's stylish ;)  As an award recipient, I should be providing you facts about myself and then passing on the award.  As in real life, here in the blogosphere you must make compromises when crunched for time.  I definitely want to pay this award forward to the following blogs, in no particular order:

The New Professional (another awesome professional style site!)
Free Honey (one of my first blogger connections, love these ladies)
Bow Ties Are Cool (for the adorable geek in all of us... or at least me :)
Sparrow & Urchin (because she listens to awesome music)
Sammy Davis Vintage (this girl has amazing energy!!!)

Also, last Friday Employed Panache got a mention in The New Professional's Executive Summary!  Angeline enjoyed my post on being physically present at work.  In addition, Ms. Career Girl published my corresponding guest post on being mentally present at work.  Check both out and be sure to check the comments too - these articles are applicable to both your work life and personal life!

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