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Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to Add Panache to Your Office Wardrobe

Happy Thursday!  It was rainy out by me today, so no woodsy pics.  But, I did play around with the webcam in my laptop... and it's so true, fluorescent lighting does nothing for ya!  So instead of a bunch of outfit pics, I wanted to write another informational post.

After reading through comments on this blog (thank you everyone!!!!) and on discussions I've started on the Chictopia forums, it seems that a lot of people are hesitant to push the fashion envelope at the office.  And I get it - it takes a lot of confidence to wear something that is considered to be out of the ordinary, either for your style or for the general populous around you.  But I'm here to tell you that you can do it, no matter what type of corporate environment you're in!  I don't know of any office setting outside of the medical field that has a super regimented dress code.  (If I'm wrong, please let me know :)  Yes, you may have a certain dress code to work within, but it's still possible to add some panache to your outfits!

My biggest recommendation is to start with smaller pieces, like accessories, for several reasons.  First, you can test the waters this way.  If you do work under a stricter dress code, you'll find out real quick if some funky accessories are acceptable or not.  It also helps you explore your own personal style... some things look cute on others but may not feel right for you.  Before overhauling your entire wardrobe for nothing, and wasting a pretty penny too, make sure the new style reflects the true you.

Funky necklace = Panache!  A fun addition to an otherwise average outfit.
Second, if you're worried about drawing attention to yourself, adding a bolder necklace, cute headband, or interesting earrings won't completely change your style overnight.  It'll help you build confidence, especially once the compliments start rolling in from your co-workers and friends :)

Finally, once you feel comfortable with smaller items of panache, it'll be easier to move onto other bigger items, like skirts, sweaters, etc.  Practicing with accessories first will also help you pinpoint exactly what to invest in.  I've personally wasted so much money in the past by rushing into trends and new styles that I definitely wish I started slow.

So there you go!  Adding some panache to your office wardrobe needn't be complicated or scary at all :)

PS: The orangey/salmon sweater tank will probably also be up for grabs soon!

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