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Monday, August 2, 2010

We All get the Slip Sometimes Every Day

shirt: Anthropologie ~ skirt: thrifted, hemmed ~ belt: UO ~ shoes: Nine West Outlet ~ watch: Fossil (gift) ~ bangle: thrifted ~ earrings: ?? (gift)
Date: August 2, 2010
Ensemble message:  Wow, it’s definitely Monday… I obviously used the wrong setting on my camera, hence the blurry pics!!! :(  Well, blurrier than normal, haha!

But back to the outfit… I need a fashion revamp.  Over the weekend, I started to pack for an upcoming trip to Chicago (I’m leaving on Thursday morning).  I’ll be going to Lollapalooza music festival, which is an open invite to dress as creatively as you want.  No need to worry about what’s office appropriate!  I started going through my closet and drawers and had a major “I have nothing to wear” moment. 

Granted, I’ve been remixing a lot of items this summer… thrifty and pleasing to the husband, but it just gets boring after awhile.  Like going on a diet without any room for ice cream splurges ;)  Instead of freaking out and running to the mall, I decided to dig deeper into the closet and take a close look at items that were favorites last year but haven’t seen much love this year.

Who's watching me?!?  lol!
So that’s how I pulled together this outfit.  I found this t-shirt, which I’ve worn to death in the past.  Normally, it was an easy go-to item that I’d pair with chocolate brown wide-legged trousers and a cardigan.  Today, I wanted to mix it up with a skirt, and this thrift store find was perfect!

Have you recently re-discovered a piece of clothing or accessory?

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