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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Breathing Like Little Ghosts Under Rocks

shirt: Old Navy ($25) ~ skirt: Target ($12) ~ shoes: Payless ($20) ~ watch: Fossil (gift) ~ earrings: gift

Date: August 24, 2010
Ensemble message: It definitely felt like autumn this morning - yay!  With grey skies and cool temps, I opted to turn this spring/summer skirt into a transitional piece.  The blue chambray button down adds a relaxed, almost country-like feel.  The moccasins are a fall favorite of mine since they keep my feet nice and warm.... Though I would love to upgrade to a pair of real leather moccasins!

Given how dreary it's been in the morning, photo shoots in the woods are just not an option as it's too dark.  This is good though... I'm being forced to come out of my comfort zone a bit and find new spaces.  I love the blue walls on this old, run-down movie theater.  The overall image is kind of depressing, but bright blue walls were asking to be photographed :)

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