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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Rain It Fell, The Story Went On

Happy Monday everyone!  Today has been crazy... and rainy.  Outfit pics just weren't meant to be.  So instead, I wanted to remind you of where else you can find me, beside here of course!

Facebook ~ I created a fan page for Employed Panache as another way for people to see my new posts without friending the world with my personal profile.  But I also want to add more of a personal touch, so I'll be posting more off-duty outfit pics here.

Twitter ~ Follow my ramblings and articles that I re-tweet on style and personal branding.

Chictopia ~ Beside my favorite style blogs, I go here often for outfit inspiration.  If you're on Chictopia, friend me!

bloglovin' ~ The BEST way to follow all your blogs!  Including this one, of course ;)

Weardrobe ~ I admittedly need to update my profile with more recent outfit pics... but again, friend me if you're on this site as well.

E-mail ~ Ah, good old fashioned e-mail :)

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