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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Counting All Different Ideas Drifting Away

skirt: Banana Republic ~ shirt: JCrew outlet ~ vest: Old Navy ~ shoes: Elle via Kohls ~ wrap watch: NY&Co ~ bangle & earrings: gifts
Date: August 10, 2010
Ensemble message:  I'm back from Lollapalooza and had an amazing time!  Music festivals are such a great way to sample a ton of music and discover new bands (or at least those that are new to you).  Three days of music have refreshed me mentally... obviously music is a big part of my life :)  In fact, if you haven't noticed yet, all my titles of photo posts are lyrics to songs.

But back to reality!  Today's outfit was created around an item and a goal... first, I love love love my new army green vest!  This was my first fall purchase, which I allowed in early August since I can see myself wearing it from now into autumn.  

Also, I wanted to re-mix another item from the back of my wardrobe.  I've had this yellow shirt for a few years but have only worn it a few times, and usually over a bikini top on vacation.  The square neck is really wide so bra straps show (ughhh) and camis look sloppy.  

I realized last week that I need to do a major closet overhaul.  Re-mixing old items is a great way to see if I still like them.  Those items that I don't like anymore I plan on selling on an Etsy shop, so stay tuned!  By mid-day, I've decided that the yellow shirt will be one of them... even with the vest, it kept slipping off my shoulder, which = futzing, which = no go.  I hate futzing with my outfit and feeling self-conscious.  I'll let you know the shop is open... hopefully this shirt will go to a good home!

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