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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I’m Just Sitting on a Shelf

shirt: Forever21 ($14) ~ cami: Gap ($10) ~ skirt: Zara ($35? this one’s old!) ~ belt: H&M ($10) ~ shoes: Aerosoles ($50) ~ leaf bangle: thrifted via Beacon’s Closet ($8) ~ white bangle: NY&Co ($10sih)

Date: August 17, 2010
Ensemble message:  Inspiration from my husband and Zooey Deschanel! :)  Ryan and I looove Zooey, her music, and her style.  When I first started this blog, he recommended that I do a week of Zooey inspired looks.  Great idea!  Except, she’s super vintagey and while I love a vintage look, I also like to mix modern pieces in as well.

Nonetheless, I definitely felt like Zooey from (500) Days of Summer in this outfit.  A higher waist, slim fit, ruffled blouse, and wedges were key.  But then there’s my grommet/studded belt for a more up-to-date look.  Either way, I’m dressed more business-like than normal, haha!  Do you guys have any movie-inspired looks?

On another note, I’m not even sure how I got dressed today.  I had one of *those* mornings… moving in slow motion and running late.  Half way through my commute, I realize that I left my amazing Greek salad in the fridge.  Fail.  While taking photos, I noticed that I wasn’t wearing any of my rings, wedding rings included.  Major fail (sorry Ry!)  Then I had computer issues at work.  Finally, at 4pm I saw that my belt wasn’t going through all the belt loops – sheesh!!!  At least the sun is shining and we will be rounding the hump tomorrow :)

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