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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Silk Pants



cami & jacket: Marshall's ($14 & $24) ~ pants: Daffy's ($30) ~ shoes: Target ($20) ~ watch ($20) ~ bracelet: DIY

Date: May 4, 2011
Ensemble message:  It's official... I'm obsessed.  I love my silk pants so much, both pairs!  They feel like pj's but are cool enough in heat and humidity (well, at least while the warmth lasted here in NJ).  I actually bought this pair last year after throwing any logic out the window, and until now, only wore them on the weekend.  After these pants survived a night out in Mexico back in February (dinner, drinks, dancing, the whole shebang), I decided that they were tough enough to wear on more casual work days.  Now if only they can survive the days that I eat salad with oil and vinegar dressing....!!



By the way, my bracelet is a DIY that I whipped up in one night while forcing myself to have some relaxation time.  I really love the results and wear this bracelet pretty frequently!  It was pretty easy to make - then again, I made lanyards with the plastic string all the time as a kid.  If you're interested, use Love Maegan's instructions... the only difference is that I added a Buddha charm :)


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