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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Evolution of the Cubicle: Part 2

So as you may remember from this post, I mentioned that I'm changing office scenery three times this year at the Day Job.  Yes, three!!!  As you can see, my office environment last year was kind of old school and dark.  In fact, it was the oldest part of the building and had not been renovated since the early 90's.  Now they are ripping up that space to provide us with something new and pretty cutting edge!  But that will be Part 3 of this series... today, I bring you Part 2: The Transition Space.

Desk 4

Desk 6

Desk 5

The contents in my space have not changed much at all.  But, the cube walls are considerably lower and I share a larger area with a colleague.  (Good thing I like her ;)  Lower walls equals more light, which I love!  I definitely have more energy in a well lit room.  And I can just stand up and speak with my surrounding colleagues.  But lower walls also means more noise... luckily, I can tune people out pretty well and we try to be considerate of one another.  It gets kinda tricky though if I need to take a sensitive phone call (which happens more often than not in HR!)

Which do you prefer?  High or low cube walls?  Or none at all???

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