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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Office Lunchbox: Miso Soup


Another quick, easy, & CHEAP office lunch recipe!  Barely any measuring, and the soup can be assembled in advance for the entire week.  Since spring in the northeast has been slow to really bloom, I'm still craving warm and comforting lunches.  Last week I made miso soup to bring in, but instead of seaweed, I used kale (yes, still on that kale kick! ;)  All you need is as much kale and soft tofu as you desire and also miso paste.



First I steamed the kale and drained/cubed the tofu, and then put a portion in a large tupperware container.  I didn't really measure, but I used about a quarter of a bunch of kale and a quarter of 1 package of tofu.  Again, these ingredients are really as much or little as you wish.  Do not add water yet - it's easier to transport into the office with just the kale and tofu.  Plus, if the kale sits in the water, it's flavor will really overwhelm the entire soup (learned that the hard way!)  Then, you can add water right before heating it up!  I put in approximately 3 cups of water, which made a large and filling soup.  In a smaller container, I added one tablespoon of miso paste per cup of water, and then added the miso after the soup was hot.  And that's it!


Approximate calories: 235
Approximate fat: 8 grams
Cost: $1.50

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