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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 Must-Haves for Business Travel

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Don't you love it when the week starts a day late but still ends with Friday? :)  Well, I must apologize for the lack of posts over the past week, especially since I promised a quick one last Thursday.  Between traveling for work and my little sister's wedding last Saturday (which was sooo perfect!), I did not have the energy to blog.  So without further adieu, here are your 3 must-haves when traveling for business:

1. Bottom Half: Pants or skirt with a little stretch, for two reasons... first, bottoms with stretch will be most comfortable when sitting on a plane or train for long stretches of time.  Second, there will be less wrinkles when you get to your destination!

2. Top Half: I recommend layers on top because you never know what type(s) of climates you'll encounter between the actual travel and your final destination.  Might as well be prepared!  Also, a more structured top like a blazer will not only look more professional, but will also keep its shape throughout the day.

3. Shoes: I can't say enough about traveling in flats!  What if you're running late?  Like, literally running to the bus stop or your gate?!  Running in heels will wreck your feet and your mood for sure.  Now, if you need to wear heels once you get to your meeting, it's easy enough to make a swap and stash flip flops or ballet flats in your bag.  I tend to wear not only flats, but also closed toe shoes when traveling because if my feet are warm, I overall feel warm and comfortable.

Finally, if you'll be away for more than a day, give yourself options just in case the weather changes or the office dress code is not what you expected.  When I was packing for my Arkansas trip, I packed a top with matching skirt AND jeans for my second day.  I really wanted to wear the jeans, but then found out that the VPs at this location only allow jeans on Fridays.  I would have felt really awkward if I didn't have the skirt option!

So there you have it!  What are your must-haves when traveling for business??

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