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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Life as I Know It

Me & D, just hanging

Wow you guys, I can't believe Summer 2011 is over already!  Things on this end have been a bit less stressful since I last checked in... I'm settling into my new role, and I think finally, finally I'm back to normal working hours (FINALLY!)  Which means I am trying to find more balance in my life... The Husband and I have taken a couple weekend trips and I'm working out more regularly.  I've also cut out coffee and replaced it with green tea (too many coffee/stress tummy aches) and working on eating better.  Not really easy when you're a nomad as we eat dinner out way, way more than we used to.  But I'm trying!

But the best part... I think it's finally safe to announce that we got a house!!!  After many months of searching, and a couple more months of bringing this deal to fruition, we're due to close near the end of October :)  I cannot even begin to emphasize how stressful buying a house is... once you find THE ONE, then there's the mortgage to deal with, along with the home inspection.... oh, and not to mention the scare of Hurricane Irene putting a tree through the roof or water in the basement or both (The House was fine).  But mostly the mortgage process.  It's like bearing your financial soul for all to see... ick.  Well, we finally got our mortgage commitment tonight, and things seem to be moving along!

I've also tried to take some time and put all this nonsense in perspective, and really I cannot complain.  There could be worst things than a lot of stress in your life.  And throughout it all, I know that my readers have been there for me.  Thank you for all your comments - I will reply back to them soon!  And I am really excited to take on a few new sponsors as well, which means giveaways for you :)  So stay tuned, I have a feeling that this autumn is going to be awesome!

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