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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In Love Again - A Farewell

Hello everyone – it’s been awhile! This post won’t be terribly long, but I did want to have one final check-in as I feel like I owe my readers something before heading back to the whirlwind that has become my life.

So yes, if you’re reading between the lines, I’m shutting down Employed Panache. **

You see, I started to blog mainly as a creative outlet. It was also a way to fill newly-found free time with something more meaningful than zoning out in front of the tv. But in the past 6 months, this free time has quickly dwindled down due to a number of things: A house with more projects that I care to count right now. A very demanding client group at work that requires longer hours and more travel. General holiday stress (we’ve hosted 2 holiday dinners since moving in 6 months ago). I don’t view these things negatively though... I am extremely grateful to be in our house after how long it took to find The One. And the endless projects have taught me a lot about home improvement and patience, and are great new creative outlets. The holiday stress is one I’d take on over and over again – I’m a perfectionist so I put most of the stress on myself, but once everyone arrives and is mingling (again-OUR house!) … this makes it all worth it.

On top of all this, I’m in love again... with my job. I’ve rekindled a passion for my career that I haven’t had in several years. My new client group has challenged me, made me work late, and travel more than I have in my career yet (Vegas and back in 31 hours? All in a day’s work). But the projects that I’m working through are good, meaty HR stuff – talent development, diversity & inclusion, employee relations. Passion for my job means the hours fly by, and so I end up working a bit later than planned. And I’m finding that at the end of a long day, I would much rather come home, be fully present, and enjoy the home that I’ve worked so hard to get. This also means more streamlined outfits - I just can't justify spending as much time in my closet anymore.

This hasn’t been an easy decision by any means. I am obviously proud of Employed Panache… but what I didn’t expect, so is my husband. And it was especially hard to make this decision when he gave me a look of surprise at the news and actually verbalized how proud he is. Then there are my co-workers, the few who know about EP – I know they enjoy my posts. One colleague even questioned whether I’d pursue blogging full-time. While I’ve learned a lot over the past 22 months (developing my own sense of style, how to manipulate my sad, sad point-and-shoot camera, and a bit about blogging & social media)... after all this, I know blogging could never be my full-time profession. My personality calls for a regular paycheck so that the anxiety can be kept at bay ;)

That said, I will be around in a couple forums… Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter (when I have time). And of course I will continue to comment on others’ blogs – I will still be looking to you all for inspiration!!

So that was way more words than expected, but I want to say THANK YOU for the past (almost) 2 years. You guys are great :) I’ll see you around the interwebs…!!

** This doesn't mean that I'll never blog again... I just don't think it will be in this forum, on this topic.

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