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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hello & Welcome!

Hi there!  Welcome to Employed Panache.  My name is Nicole and I like clothes.  I also like my career, which has nothing to do with clothes.  In fact, my job is in Human Resources (I know you just shuddered ;)  For me, I've noticed that I'm happiest and most confident in the office when I feel like myself in the clothes I wear.  However, I still need to look professional, so I put a lot of thought into what I wear each most days.  I want my clothing to be a reflection of who I am both professionally and personally.  Adding a little panache to what I wear does just that, and can work for anyone.  

This site will feature outfits that I wear on the job and some helpful tips on how to look presentable but also yourself at work.  I may also throw in a smattering of "off hours" outfits, mainly so you can see how I mix and match my work and weekend wardrobes (because let's be honest, who can afford separate wardrobes for both??)

jacket: F21; t-shirt: Target; skirt: Zara; cuff: gift; shoes: Elle via Kohls

Date worn: June 15, 2010
On the calendar: day at the office: a couple in-person meetings with client groups; meeting new employees

So it's summer, but my office can be chilly... the t-shirt / short sleeve jacket combo gave enough core warmth to warrant bare legs.  I knew I'd be with people throughout the day, including new hires, so I wanted to make a good impression.  Pretty much a typical day at the office.

If you can't tell, the jacket is navy & white striped... I'm currently very into pair stripes with florals (though I may get some odd looks from co-workers!)

I love tougher looking accessories... especially leather jewelry!  My husband bought this for me and I wear it often.  The gladiator sandals are also great because they go with some many things.  Just please ignore the horrible nail polish - I had a weekend of camping coming up and it wasn't worth painting them!

And finally, an appearance by Donna, my boston terrier.... I'm sure she'll pop into some pictures here and there.  She can't go for long without some attention :)

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